Is Your Anxiety Caused by Stress?

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Is Your Anxiety Caused by Stress?

Stress is a part of life, right? It cannot be completely avoided. And to be honest, some stress can be good for you and downright fun. The stress you feel skiing down the side of a mountain for example. However, too much stress and the wrong kind of stress, can harm your health. And if you’re prone to anxiety attacks, stress can certainly make it worse.

Problems Caused By Stress

Stress, chronic and intense stress, essentially requires your body to work much harder than it normally would. It taxes you body and all of your systems. Too much stress over a period of time can cause:
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How To Reduce Stress And Ease Worry In Minutes

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Stress is everywhere, we realize it’s unhealthy, and we all know the problems it can lead to. Many of us feel we actually should do some thing about this, although the trouble with stress is when we are in it’s grip it’s hard to do a whole lot about anything at all.

Meditation, relaxation and visualisation are the standard tips for reducing stress, and they are all effective and useful to us in many ways, however, they aren’t so easy to set into use when stress attacks with it’s disruptive travel companions frustration, confusion, and anxiety in full attendance.

Here’s something simple you can try to diffuse stress quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

1. rub your forehead with both hands in vertical lines from your eyebrows to your hairline for a few moments

2. about an inch above each eyebrow you will find a bump – rest your fingertips there lightly and hold

3. take a deep breathe in and lighten the pressure of your fingertips until they are touching those points very softly

4. breathe deeply again and allow yourself to sink into how you are really feeling right now – focus clearly and specifically on the one thing that is mainly causing you stress, or anxiety

5. allow yourself to think the truth of the matter, hold the points and breathe and remain that way for a couple of minutes

6. concentrate on the area you are holding and feel for pulsations under your fingertips as the blood flow, previously diverted by stress, is restored to your forebrain. Now you can begin to think clearly again as you feel stress drain away and find yourself in control and able to choose how you wish to respond to what’s at hand.

What many of us don’t realise about stress is that although it is often triggered by our mental states and emotional responses it is in fact a physiological occurrence. The body responds directly to every impression we feed it be it real or imagined; it makes no difference to the body. If you tell it you are stressed it will respond immediately by sending the majority of the blood from your forebrain to your chest for faster breathing and the more efficient pumping of blood through your heart and to the muscles of your legs for whatever action they may need to take.

When you consider this automatic physical response it’s easy to see why we don’t always think well under stress. This simple technique tells your body to stand down and encourages the blood flow to return to the brain for clear thinking and decision-making.

Try this for:

- diffusing stress on the spot and stopping it from accumulating

- easing worries

- regaining control of your resources and having access to your full capacity for dealing with any given situation.

- preventing the digestive disorders associated with stress developing. (Use this before eating to make sure that your digestive system is ready and willing to receive the goodness from your food in a calm and efficient manner.)

- relaxing and clearing your mind before sleep

- inducing a feeling of calm from which you can then step deeper into a meditative or relaxed state

Anxiety and Stress Relief, Fast Dissolving, Fast Absorbing, Fast Acting – 120 Sublingual Tablets #4152

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Filed under Videos An EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) video to help relieve ANXIETY and STRESS. EFT is unsurpassed in relieving immediate stress, fear and anxiety very quickly and easily. Anxiety is a more complex issue, and usually needs more thorough work. I’ve been very successful using a combination of EFT, TAT and the German system of Colorpuncture to release contributing factors to the stress, relearn negative patterns of thought, and to rebalance the energy system from a habitual state of anxiety into one of ease and relaxation. TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique is my method of choice to release underlying trauamtic events. It is truly painless and superbly effective. Please visit my website for more info on how to use these EFT and TAT to regain a sense of Peace and Ease.

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Amoryn Depression Anxiety Relief

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Xmood – Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Elevate Your Mood – 90 Capsules – My Natural Relief

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